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The Zone-Read, Gun Triple Option . . . and the Quadruple Option?


Here is well written article written by Chris Brown over at SmartFootball.com. In the write up, he talks about combing the zone read, triple option, and adding a fourth option to the mix.

Following is an excerpt from the post called “The zone-read, gun triple-option . . . and the quadruple-option?” that was posted o Monday, 17 August 2009 , by : Chris Brown.

“It wasn’t long after the zone-read was invented that coaches began dabbling in ways to turn the play into a “triple option” — i.e. with a third possible ballcarrier based on a second quarterback read. Both Rich Rodriguez and Randy Walker started doing it early on, and by the time Urban Meyer was running his spread at Utah, the idea of having a “pitch back” or “pitch phase” for the quarterback if he pulled the ball after reading the defensive end was here to stay.

Now, this enhanced spread run game should not be confused with the true triple-option stuff, as veer offenses, like Paul Johnson’s flexbone, have certain blocking scheme advantages in that the guys being “optioned” are specifically avoided so as to enable double-team blocks on other defenders — an advantage not present with the zone-read. (This is one reason why many spread teams, including Urban Meyers’s and Rich Rodriguez’s, run the veer nowadays.) But there is no question that, as the spread has gotten older and more entrenched, the cat-and-mouse game between offense and defense has also evolved.”

To read the rest of the post please click on the following link – The Zone-Read, Gun Triple Option . . . and the Quadruple Option?



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