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Video Football Game Tips: Running the 2 Minute Drill Efficiently


In this Video Football  breakdown, we take a look at the 2 Minute Drill and how to run it efficiently in while playing video football games.  The two-minute drill is ran to march the offense down the field as quickly and efficiently while using as little of the time on the clock as possible. Very few rushing plays should be called and most passing plays are designed to get receivers out of bounds as soon as they make the catch. Most plays that are ran will last no longer than 3 and 7 seconds in a two minute offense.

Know The Game Situation

  • Before the half.
  • End of the game.
  • Time on the clock.
  • How many time outs you have
  • How many points do we need to win if at the end of game?
  • Do you need a Touchdown or field goal?
  • If you score to quick can you stop your opponents 2 Minute Offense?

Two-Minute Quick Tips

  • Use your timeouts in the first half; don’t take them to the locker room.
  • If your quarterback gets sacked, instruct him to call timeout immediately. STOP THE CLOCK with the Spike Ball play.
  • Do not panic!!! Stay cool like Tom Brady does during a Super Bowl game wining drive.
  • Efficiency and execution are the keys to effectively running a 2 Minute Offense
  • Always keeping thinking the pressure is on the defense to stop you.
  • Get as much yardage and get out of bounds once a receiver makes the catch.
  • Don’t run towards the middle of the field once the catch is made, instead run towards the side line.
  • Use the QB Spike play if needed to stop the clock quickly.
  • Learn what each formation preset audibles are. Each formation has deep, short, inside run, and play action.
  • Use the hot routes and playmaker routes when running the two minute offense, just don’t over use them. You don’t have the luxury of hot routing each receiver during the 2 Minute Offense because of time constraints. Watch for false starts when using hot routes, especially when playing online and with fair play mode on.
  • Limit the use of motion, you don’t have time to wait for receiver come all the away across the field and the get set to snap the ball.
  • Don’t line up in the huddle; use the no huddle button, unless the play clock is stopped.
  • Spread the defense out with 4 and 5 receiver sets.
  • Know your five audibles you have set. Remember you can change them at any time. Most players will change them at the 2 Minute Warning.

Read the Defense

See what pass coverage the defense is playing. If the defense plays prevent or four deep throw to the underneath routes but get out of bounds quickly once the catch is made.
If you have a time out to spare and deep middle of the field is open, go ahead and make the throw. As soon as the receiver is tackled, call time out if you have them, if not spike the ball.

Types Of Plays To Run in your Two Minute Drill

  • Plays with out routes.
  • Swing Passes to the backs out of the backfield.
  • Hook and curls near the side lines.
  • Flood patterns
  • Delayed patterns to backs or tight ends.
  • Draws if the defense spreads out and if you have a timeout to spare or need a first down in short yardage situations.
  • Screens to backs and receivers if the defense plays soft coverage.

Hopefully these Video Football Game Tips while running the 2 Minute Drill will help improve your offense when you need a quick score.


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