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Video Football Game Tips: Running the Ball


Running the ball in video football games  is going to be more important than ever to move the ball on offense. In this X’s O’s Football breakdown, we take a look some basic running tips that will help improve your running game.

• Against a high-octane offense, controlling the clock is the best defense.
• Find an open hole, and then explode through it. Players will often try to be Barry Sanders and look for other holes to open up, when they really should have hit the first that opened up.
• Use the stiff arm, speed burst, or cover the football when you are about to be tackled.
• When needing to pick up an extra yard for a first down or get into the end zone, do not forget to use the dive button. We know this sounds simple, but diving can be the difference between punting or picking up a first down.
• Lay off the speed burst button until you get near the line of scrimmage. Too often players immediately want to pound down on the speed burst button as soon as the QB hands off to the running back. This limits the control of the running back and makes it hard to move, while looking for holes to open up.
• Keep your blockers in front of you and be patient while they set up blocks for you. If you run past them, you just wasted your escorts to the first down marker or ultimately the end zone.
• For short yardage situations that require blasts through the middle of the line, it is better to keep things straightforward. Simple plays such as QB sneaks or FB dive plays are perfect one yard or less situations.
• Scouting your team’s offensive line and your opponent’s front seven can be fruitful in moving the chains. Knowing who paves the way really makes a difference between a successful ground game and meager ground game.
• By pounding the rock, it allows the offense to control the clock and wear down the oppositions defense. You will see a big difference this year in the 4th quarter.
• Probably the most important tip is practice. Learn how the offensive line blocks based on where defenders line up, either by them being shifted or manually moved. Leave nothing untested when learning how the offensive line blocks. Use instant replay just as a head coach does when looking over game field. Once you master how the offensive line blocks, you will be well on your way of mastering the running game.
• hen you get to the line of scrimmage, and you don’t like what you see because a linebacker is occupying a gap you are about to run through, use the juke buttons to change the running back’s direction to a more desirable area.


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